Takesi Trek

Start of the Takesi at Mina San Francisco
we need a 2 hours by car from La Paz
View to the Mururata
here we are at the highest point 5000 hm
Wide Inka Path in the Takesi Trail
mostly we are walking on this path
Lagoon in the Takis Trail
there is al lot of fresh water in the treck
The Path passes some Villiges
here we are in Takesi
A Viewpoint in the Takesi Trail
mostly we have a beautifull view down the valley
Snow Peak at the Horizont
the landscape is amazing here
The Campsite
here we stay for the night
The wild River
we have to pass it
The Finish the Takesi Trail
here our tour ends

This is one of the most impressive and popular downhill walks in the Andes amongst travelers and locals. This trail links the barren Altiplano with the lush subtropical Yungas, and gives you the rare opportunity to witness such extremes in amazing landscapes. There are spectacular views of the Mururata Peak and you will pass abandoned mines, cascading rivers, exquisite lagoons and quaint villages. This is one of the best preserved pre-Inca trails and almost half of the trail consists on extraordinary stonework/paving making this trip incredibly accessible without taking away from the adventurous river crossings and camping in the great outdoors. Your trip will come to an end in one of Bolivia’s oldest towns, Yanacachi.

Program 3 days 2 nights
Available April to November

Day 1: La Paz – Puente Takesi: departure from La Paz through the Illimani Road. You will pass the animas Valley and small villages close to La Paz city, such as Choquekota. The drive from La Paz last around 3 hrs. until Ventilla at 11,808 ft. (3,600 m) , later towards the San Francisco Mine at 13, 776 ft. (4, 200 m.). Our trek will starts at the mine, and about 2 hours through the Pre-Inca trail you will arrive to the Apacheta high pass at 15,416 ft. forest in the lowland valleys. You will pass abandoned mines and High-Andean lagoons such as the picturesque Takesi village at 12,398 ft.  (3,780 m), later the trail winds downhill until a bridge over Takesi River at 11, 742 ft. (3,580m). Dinner and overnight at Puente Takesi. (L, D)

Day 2: Puente Takesi – Chojlla Mine: this day you will descend to the Bolivian Yungas following the Takesi River, the trail contours the Cerro Quimsa Chata, where the pre-Columbian trail disappears. There are small villages along the trail such as Kakapati at 9, 446 ft. (2, 880 m), an old see the Mururata snow peak contrasting with the green Yungas forest. Arrival to Chocklla, where the pre-Columbian trail reappears, and not far is the Choklla Mine at 7, 445 ft. (2,270 m), where wolfram and tin are still extracted. We pass the mining area and head to the campsite. Dinner and overnight there. (B, L, D)

Day 3: Chojlla Mine – Yanacachi – La Paz: more views of the Takesi River and Valleys all fully covered by continuous cloud forests, weather is warmer. Arrival to Yanacachi at 6, 822 ft. (2,080 m), one of the oldest towns in Bolivia. This was important during colonial times to trade coca leaves and subtropical crops. This town has the oldest existing Catholic Church built in the Yungas. Back to La Paz. (B, L)


Here we are

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