The precolumbien ruins of Tiwancu

The Sun Gate in Tiwanaku
The Temple of Faces
The Steps out of the Temple
The Benneth Monolite
The Bearded Monilite


(7 Hours)
A mysterious and legendary city on the shore of the Lake Sacred among all the pre-Columbian cities, Tiwanaku (3843 mts. a.s.l.) is doubtless the one that most jealously keeps its secrets. An oldest American men that flourished around 700 BC. At 72 km. from La Paz. Tiwanaku. (3843 m. s.l.) Where we will take able to admire the famous “puerta del Sol”, the temple of Kalasasaya and its ancient statues, as other enigmatic monuments in there solitaries surroundings.

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