Sajama 6.548mts

The Sajama Vulcan
on the way to the Sajama Village
View from the Sajama
at the 2nd day
Up walk to the Sajama Mountain
the 2nd day in the Sajama Park
The Peak of the Sajama Mountain
amazing view from there all around
Downwalk from the Sajama Mountain
is faster then you will expect

The highest point of this impressive Volcanic is the highest elevation in Bolivia found within the area of the Sajama National Park in the province of Curahunara de Carangas (Department of Oruro). This unique region of the world was declared to a national Park in the year 1945 because of its abundant wildlife. The region is rich in thermal water, where is the point of origin of the Lauca river and at 4.750mts is the Keñuas forest, the highest forest in the world. Llaretales used by the local people as fuel, Tholas, Paja Brava and great variate of other about in the region. It is also the natural habitat of Andean animals such as Lamas, Vicuñas and Alpacas, Nandus or Suri (Andean Ostriche), Wallata or wild goose, pink Flamingos, Perdices, wild mallaid ducks, Viscachas, Pumas, and much more. Also the area has got its own cultural patrimony wich is the Curaguara de Carangas church.

Medium difficult, for people with basic experience
Duration 6 Days
Available April-November

Day 1:
Departure from La Paz by vehicle transport across te internal road by Tambo Quemado by way Arica-Chile (350km) Bolivians high plateau, arrival and camping of the village of Sajama (4.400mts)

Day 2:
Ascent to the base-camp at 4.700mts with the assistance of pack animales.

Day 3:
Ascent to the high camp at 5.600mts with the assistance of pack animales.

Day 4:
Climb to the summit of the Sajama Volcano (6.548mts) return to the high camp, for 12h

Day 5:
Descant to the village of Sajama and camping at the hot springs for relaxation.

Day 6:
Long journey of return to La Paz. End of Service

Not Included: Backpack of 50l - Sleeping bags - 10º - Flashlight frontal or manual - 2 sweater of wool or fleeze - Thermal trousers - Chocolates - Water bottle - Wool cap - wool gloves - thermal socks - sun block - sunglasses - scarf


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