Illampu 6369mts

The Illampu Mountain
The Peak of the Illampu
The Illampu Mountain
The Illampu Mountain

The grandiose Cordillera Real (Kings Kordillere) begins with the majestic Illampu (6.369mts) This summit was cowered for the first time in 1928 by an Austrian expedition headed by Hans Pflann, Alfred Mores, Chowski Hugi Hortnagel and Erwin Hein. Among the most important peaks of the Illampu group are the Illampu (6369mts), Illampu II (6.344mts), Illampu II (6.060mts), Illampu IV (6.070mts) Illampu Corro de hielo (6.060mts), Agua Yacuma (6.072mts) and the pico Yacuma (6.062mts)

Technical difficult, for climbers with considerable experience

Day 1:
Departure from La Paz and privat transport to Sorata (2.700mts) In the afternoon, after lunch, is the trip with a four wheeler from Sorata to the Village of Aucohuma (4.040mts). There is the camp site for the night.

Day 2:
Ascent to the base camp Aguas Calientes (4.600mts) walking for 4 hours withe assistance of pack animales to the camp sight

Day 3:
Rest day at the base camp, acclimatization

Day 4:
Ascent to the high camp (5.000mts)

Day 5:
Ascent to the camp for the Illampu (5.600mts)

Day 6:
Ascent to the summit of Illampu (6.368mts) and back to the high camp at (5.000mts)

Day 7: Descent to base camp Aguas Calientes

Day 8: Descent with the assistance of pack animals to the village of Ancohuma, night camping

Day 9: Departure by vehicle transport and return to La Paz. End of service

Not Included: Backpack of 50l - Sleeping bags - 10º - Flashlight frontal or manual - 2 sweater of wool or fleeze - Thermal trousers - Chocolates - Water bottle - Wool cap - wool gloves - thermal socks - sun block - sunglasses - scarf


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