Mountain Binking Zongo Valley

Biking at the Chacaltaya
view from El Alto
The Start is at 5400 hm
from here we have an amazing view
Biking at the Chacaltaya Mountian
no road, no path, just fun
The Zongo Dam
a wild Zig Zack Road
The Zongo Valley
it goes warmer and warmer
Lagoon in the Zongo Valley
we pass it with the bikes
Biking in the Zongo Valley
this is in the last part of the tour
Lunch Time
here our wunderfull day will be end


Tour Time: Full day
Distance: 43 Km.
Time of descent by bike: 4 hrs.
Vertical Descent: 3.600 m

A day of adventure outside the La Paz city, the descent takes place at the foot of the Mountain Huayna Potosi at a height of 4,900 m.a.s.l. Descending by an extremely technical route observing in the way a landscape of snowy mountains with highland vegetation and Andean animals at the beginning, later entering the Sub-tropical region where we will be able to observe birds, artificial waterfalls, electrical plants, rivers, with a pleasant temperature with a Warm climate vegetation.

Finishing our descent in the sub-tropical region of the Zongo Valley at a height of 1,300 m.s.n.m. where there is no tourist infrastructure, and for that reason the tour includes a lunch prepared for vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

The Equiptment and all what is included


Here we are

Agencia Operadora de Turismo Receptivo de Aventura en La Paz-Bolivia