The World’s Most Dangerous And Awsome Road…
(The death road)

The Death Road
Welcome to an unforgetable adventure
3 Bikes for you
3 Price Catigories
Save Equipment
for your safty
In the lofty mountains
sometimes there is snow
1st Stop in the Death Road
at a viewepoint
In the Death Road
the first part is in the asphalt
The Death Road 2nd part
here it rocks
from here we are starting in the 2nd part
Mud in the Death Road
sometimes there is fog in the road
The Devils Bridge
a death road curve
The famos Devils Curve
Foto Spot
A Snack is included
we have a sandwich, choclate and something to drink for you
Straight part in the Death Road
hi man
Curvy part in the Death Road
hold it man
View from the Death Road to Coroico
our last big stop in the road
We pass 2 Rivers
in the last part in the Death Road
At the finish
here we arrive after the 3 hours ride


The Summit 4.700 m.a.s.l. –Yolosa 1.185 m.a.s.l.

Tour Time: Full day
Distance: 56 km
Time of descent by bike: 4-5 h
Vertical Descent: 3.650 m

This famous road is located in La Paz - Bolivia. We start our descent with the Mountainbikes from the Summit at a height 4.700 m.a.s.l. in the high plateau region, observing around us an amazing view of mountains with snowy peaks. As we descend the landscape gradually changes into the tropical region called the Yungas, with the presence of lush vegetation and small waterfalls that can be seen along the way and a spectacular panoramic landscape. We finish the descent in the population of Yolosa at a height of 1.300 m.a.s.l., entering the region of the Amazon.

entrence fee not included

The Equipment and all what is included

History of the Death Road


Here we are

Agencia Operadora de Turismo Receptivo de Aventura en La Paz-Bolivia